Inaugural InclusionVentures Institute. InclusionVentures is launching the inaugural InclusionVentures Institute, a 2-day program to equip and enable individual contributors in tech to engage in bottom up leadership in order to move the diversity, equity, and inclusion conversation forward at their organizations.

  • Do you want to take a more active role in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at your organization but don’t have DEI in your title?
  • Do you want to engage in challenging conversations yet don’t know where to start?

If this sounds like you … join us January 2018!


Apply for the institute

Priority Applications due Mon 12/4. All applications due Fri 12/15.


The InclusionVentures team is compromised of experienced facilitators, advisors, and coaches who are passionate about making the inclusion the norm.

A few of the InclusionVentures team members you'll get to meet over the weekend, include:


There’s no shortage of challenging topics coming up in our world and workplaces. Employees are grappling with disrespect, discrimination, harassment, and lost productivity and potential. While there are a wealth of resources for Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers, individual contributors are often left asking, “What is mine to do? How do I do it?”

Individual contributors are uniquely positioned to drive inclusive teams through their everyday interactions. The InclusionVentures Institute offers the first-of-its-kind opportunity to support ICs interested in learning the leadership skills, tools, frameworks, and shared language to make good on their aspirations of creating a more diverse and welcoming workplace.


Is the InclusionVentures Institute right for you?

This opportunity is for you if you identify with one or more of the following.


  • seek skills that will enhance your leadership
  • find yourself wanting to “do more” around diversity, equity and inclusion
  • identify opportunities to create a more inclusive company culture
  • want to be a part of the movement around DEI your company is making
  • want to take a more active role in challenging conversations yet don’t know where to start
  • are not specifically charged with or responsible for diversity in your role
  • find yourself “doing diversity work” along with the work listed in your formal job description


By attending Institute, participants will learn to: By sending employees to Institute, companies will:
Communicate with colleagues more effectively to drive efficiency and productivity Demonstrate a commitment and investment in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion
Participate in, facilitate, and initiate difficult conversations around difference Recognize and invest in high performers or emerging leaders
Enhance skills of inquiry that lead to better decision-making Lay the groundwork for more champions for DEI who are committed, confident, and competent to advance your strategic priorities
Create spaces of belonging, whether in the day-to-day, in reaction to current events, or responding to a microaggression (a comment or action that has an unintended, negative impact) Gain an instant influencer who will bring three concrete DEI commitments back to your organization, and will be eligible for Inclusive Leadership Certification
Operationalize inclusive leadership in daily work, whether you’re in a technical or non-technical role In day-to-day interactions and in reaction to current events, have people on the ground able to speak up, diffuse tension, foster understanding, and increase productivity on the team
Apply skills to identify strategic opportunities Create shared responsibility so DEI isn’t on the shoulders of only HR/a few people


Eligibility to become certified as an Inclusive Leader:

What does certification entail?

  1. Participate in the 2-day InclusionVentures Institute
  2. Identify, implement, and document 3 commitments that move diversity and inclusion forward at your organization or company
  3. Co-facilitate with InclusionVentures at your company


Benefits of certification:

  1. Deepen learning and skill development
  2. Receive support and coaching from InclusionVentures via quarterly group coaching calls with your Institute cohort
  3. Join private community group for resources, shared practices, and community support

Apply for the institute

Special pricing for the inaugural institute!
The inaugural cohort participants members pay just 50% of the normal rate for the institute.  We will not offer this size of an Inclusion Champion discounted rate again, so join us!

  • $1,000 (would normally be $2,000 without special pricing) for one individual contributor
  • $1,800 (would normally be $3,600 without special pricing) for two individual contributors from the same company.
  • Inclusion Champion Discount Code applies to certain affiliations. Contact Amy if you’re interested in your group being considered. Inclusionventures' current clients and partners, alumni of the Emma Bowen Foundation, Code2040, or other pipeline programs into tech; alumni, participants, or attendees of Summit Series, Blavity, Tech Inclusion, Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders, Sandbox, the Culture Conference, and Schusterman REALITY.



“I did the math. We saw a 1,000% ROI from our work with InclusionVentures.” - Head of Talent and Culture



  1. You can apply, nominate someone, or be nominated. 
  2. Application Priority Deadline: Monday, December 4
  3. Informational Zoom to learn more and meet your facilitators: Friday, December 8, 12 pm PST
  4. Final Application Deadline: Friday, December 15
  5. InclusionVentures reviews applications.
  6. Participants are notified if they are accepted or added to the waitlist.
  7. If you’re selected for the inaugural InclusionVentures Institute, reserve your spot by December 22.Space is limited. Connect with your manager or HR/talent team to see if your company can invest in your development as an inclusive leader.


  1. Is this Institute limited to specific industries? This inaugural Institute may be cross-sector and non-industry-specific.
  2. Can I attend just one of the days or miss part of a day? Nope! The curriculum is cumulative. If you can’t attend both days this time, let us know and we’ll keep you in the loop for future institutes.
  3. I’m attending from my company and my friend from another company wants to attend. Can we get the “send 2 people” discount? Thanks for asking. Not this time. In our experience, having a group of people within the same organization is critical to helping make change. We encourage you and your friend to support each other’s work on diversity and inclusion and to both attend.
  4. How will I be spending my days? The days will be highly experiential and interactive. We apply neuroscience and adult learning theory in our design. Whether you’re an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert, we’ve got you in mind! There will be a mix of time in large group, in small groups, and in individual reflection. Your facilitation team is composed of veterans in this work who care about your learning and evolution, and are committed to your walking away with concrete skills and frameworks to apply in real time. We are engineers, business psychologists, educators, investors, and entrepreneurs. Learn more about our team here. Common comments we hear after similar workshops include, “I wasn’t expecting to laugh and learn so much.” “My relationships deepened so quickly, and now I have a new community of people to call on for support, encouragement, strategy, and tactics.”
  5. Will this Institute tackle systemic and institutional issues? Structures, policies, and practices are critically important for short term and long term change, and we work with our partners to identify and implement approaches to decrease bias and enhance diversity, inclusion, and fairness. This first Institute, however, responds to a frequent request we hear from people who don’t have influence at the structural level yet want to bring more inclusion into their daily interactions. The focus will be on individual behaviors and contributions to inclusion in the workplace.
  6. Why do I get an awesome discount? This is our inaugural Institute and already includes a built-in discount. We greatly appreciate and will ask for - and incorporate - your feedback to help inform future institutes and next steps.
  7. Will you feed me? Refreshments and lunch included both days. Please indicate any dietary preferences when you register.
  8. When is payment due? Whether your company is paying directly or reimbursing your investment, all payments are due one-month before the Institute.
  9. More questions? Contact hello (at)

Apply for the institute


We work with you to bring out the best in your people so that together you can bring your world-changing ideas to life.

InclusionVentures is unapologetically curious about how to make inclusion the norm. Everyone is talking about how diversity, fairness, and inclusion are good for the business and mission. Yet, there is a disconnect between aspiring to achieve an inclusive environment and leaders taking actions toward that goal. InclusionVentures helps you address that disconnect. We work with you to move from “checking the box” to creating organizational culture change that leads to the results you seek. Many current and ingrained practices impede people and organizations from achieving their maximum profit, productivity, and potential. Through strategy, coaching, facilitation, and training, we help you focus on the workforce, work culture, and work product.


Wherever you are in your diversity and inclusion journey, we can help. Start by taking this quick assessment.