Vice President, Client Success

Dr. Obi Amachi is a coach, trainer, inspirational speaker, psychologist, and assessment guru who brings out the best potential in his clients. Sought after for his interactive workshops and his management and leadership coaching, Obi works with individuals, teams, and organizations to increase individual capacities and lead to measurable cultural shifts. His coaching engagements address core leadership skills, managing potential leadership "derailers", and assisting staff to overcome self-limiting beliefs about self and others. He has coached executives and individuals in organizations such as The Presidio Institute, Grounded Solutions Network, The James Irvine Foundation, Garces Group, and The Kresge Foundation, and global technology companies.

Obi facilitates ongoing team meetings to address expectations, conflicts, and team dynamics to further team development and service delivery. Obi develops and conducts professional development around: stages of change - how to identify and properly facilitate; identifying emotional fragility and building resilience; developing relationships; diversity; flirtation in the workplace; effective public speaking; team development; and making good decisions. He frequently assesses, prepares, and delivers leadership development and team building programming.

Obi participated in Teach For America in Atlanta and received his PsyD/MBA from Widener University. Obi received his BA in Psychology and minor in Women's Studies at Duke University. He is a Certified Pennsylvania School Psychologist, an executive and individual coach, and provides group assessment and development for improved team dynamics and organizational performance.