Everyone is talking about how diversity and inclusion are good for business. Yet, there is a disconnect between aspiring to achieve an inclusive environment and leaders taking actions toward that goal. We help you address that disconnect.

From multinational corporations to tech startups, philanthropy, and social enterprises, we tailor diversity, equity, and inclusion to fit your unique business and mission priorities.

InclusionVentures believes that many current and ingrained practices impede people, organizations, and societies from achieving their maximum profit, productivity, and potential. Our approach is based on the best and most recent research in neuroscience, adult learning theory, experiential learning, dialogue, improv, and mindfulness. We apply findings and principles from these methods to create a best-in-class, cutting edge learning experience that prepares individuals, teams, and organizations for optimized performance.


Here’s how we work with you to achieve your best human and market potential:


Strategy Development

Advise, design, and implement

Training and Facilitation

Design and deliver on-site, engaging trainings for current and new stakeholders.


Provide interactive and inspiring keynotes and webinars, from Davos to high schools


Coach executives, managers, and front-line personnel

Thought Leadership

Author/co-author white papers, sought-after subject expert

Product Design

Advise and support you to make your design phase more inclusive to avoid common bias pitfalls

While diversity on a team is ideal, it is the skill set for inclusive leadership that can lead to better designed products and services.


InclusionVentures offers a wide range of interactive and effective engagements.

Our interactive workshops for executives, managers, teams, and all staff are the perfect mix of theory -to - action. Request outcomes and a description of our most popular workshops by emailing hello (at) inclusionventures (dot) com. Examples include:

  • Inclusive Leadership for Executives
  • Inclusive Leadership Series
  • Train the Trainer
  • Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion
  • Counteracting Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • Counteracting Unconscious Bias in Product Design
  • Intention v. Impact: Mitigating Microaggressions
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations (series option)
  • Effective and Inclusive Feedback
  • Slack Channel Live


“[This workshop} increased my productivity. It's also making me extra grateful for and excited about my job.”


"I am able to stay at my job because of the work you are doing with us." - Salesforce BOLDforce member