It is well documented that diverse teams don’t make more innovative decisions; well-managed diverse teams do.
Our work focuses on these three interconnected areas: Workforce, Work Culture, and Work Products.
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Your people and talent

Diverse talent brings innovative, creative ideas, and improved productivity. The requests InclusionVentures most commonly receives from partners are:

  • “We are having trouble finding and hiring people of color and women.”
  • “We’ve invested a lot in diversifying our workforce, yet people keep leaving.”
  • “We have a toxic employee--what do we do?”
  • “Our people could develop their sense of purpose more.”

InclusionVentures works with you to identify and reduce bias in attracting, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and promoting top talent. We also help you first create a more inclusive work environment that will leverage the benefits of a diverse workforce.


Your official and unofficial norms

The requests InclusionVentures most commonly receives from partners are:

  • “My staff want to be inclusive, but they don’t have the skills to do it.”
  • “How do we create the most innovative solutions?”
  • “We have all the typical programs in place (e.g., Employee Resource Groups, etc.); how do we achieve the results we seek?”
  • “Our newer and more junior staff doesn’t have a voice.”
  • “We lack equity in who gets promoted. We don’t mean to, but our leadership team doesn’t reflect our staff or customers.”

When you feel included, you do your best work. One of the biggests costs of wasted resources is “the second job” of “navigating identities” and trying to cover up or assimilate to a culture. InclusionVentures works with you on the strategic and tactical approaches to creating a workplace that works for everyone.


Your products and services

Increase your market share and improve your user experience by being more inclusive. When airbags first came out, there were fatalities and injuries in women and children. Why? Because the airbags were tested only on tall, male crash-test dummies. Were the engineers sexist? No; their unconscious biases affected their approach.

The requests InclusionVentures most commonly receives from partners are:

  • “What markets does our product unintentionally leave out?”
  • “How can an inclusive user experiences improve market share?”
  • "How do we update our product design process to bring a diversity and inclusion lens into our approach?"

InclusionVentures works with you to create products and services that appeal to a wider demographic and increase sales revenue by tapping into new market share. We embed inclusion, diversity, and equity into every element of your organization.

“When you’re not conscious of your biases, you’re not contributing or innovating at the level you could, so your products and results won’t be as good.”
—Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer of the United States